What a load of crap. It’s impossible to try and describe yourself without sounding like an idiot.

I am an idiot so at least this will be accurate

So why have I decided to start a website about video games?

I am an ordinary person with a job that occupies the majority of my time. I have limited time and funds so both are precious. Like the vast majority of people I also have no special access to the video game industry.

I have felt a sense of frustration, along with many other people who are much more notable than I am, at the mainstream video game media. There has been a noticeable shift away from analysis and opinion, towards live streaming and hype. This is driven by finance and click through rate. What I want are more forums to explore games in a little more depth, and also to celebrate the benefit of hindsight.

Unfortunately blog is perhaps the worst form of media to try and reach an audience, and by its nature it is very self indulgent. However perhaps this is what is needed in the day and age of social media and lets play.

In recent years there has been a disconnect between games reviewing poorly and then going on to be very successful (Destiny springs to mind), or games getting a second lease of life once they have been out for a considerable amount of time (such as the Division). Despite this the nature of video games journalism means things are inevitably left behind after their release. For example, when was the last time you saw a review for a piece of DLC?

Perhaps more detailed individual view points are precisely what is needed.

What I would like to assemble is a collection of thoughts on computer games. Not ‘lets play’ videos and similar forms of media but more long form written work about games written with the benefit of hindsight.

I also hope that I will enjoy a more creative outlet than the rest of my life offers.

So why the name BrandNeutron? I like the idea of something being an identifiable brand, that others may join, but with a common vision. I love the word neutron, it simultaneously implies the tiny building blocks of the universe and some kind of terrible power in the form of neutron bombs. I like that it sounds like an alternate spelling of Brand New Tron, which suggests something new whilst also calling back to a touchstone of the early days of video games.

Also the website was available and cheap.


All opinions expressed are my own and I will endeavour to declare any conflicts of interests.

I hope you enjoy.